Ocean Air—InMER Expeditions take flight!

Ocean Air, concluded in 2010, inspired better conservation management by giving key decision makers and media figures an aerial perspective.

Conservation efforts aimed at protecting ocean, coasts and watersheds have gained traction with policy makers in recent years. In order to make progress on these complex issues, it has been necessary to explain the impacts of decision making to diverse participants, including policy makers, media figures, and members of the public. The InMER model is based on the concept that interacting with the environment through expedition based experiences generates an unparalleled interest in protecting it; this is the basis of Ocean Air, a program dedicated to educating policy makers about coastal issues—from a bird's eye view.

In partnership with pilot Mike Sutton of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ocean Air has supported flights that have led to advancements on issues including understanding Marine Protected Areas, New Wilderness Areas, Restoration of the Klamath River Basin, and more. Aerial expeditions are a unique way to engage participants in an issue, and to bring a new perspective to light. Aerial media tours often lead to key media coverage of issues that allow the public a fresh take on issues—both from the amazing visual imagery and the stories that result from an intimate, guided small plane flight.

Flying for conservation is just one of the integrated ways that InMER is providing a fresh perspective on environmental outreach. Combining policy, media, outreach and education—on land, sea or sky—is the InMER way.

This project was made possible by support from the Campbell Foundation, the Code Blue Foundation and the Turner Foundation.

Photos - © Kip Evans