Notes from the North

Final Impressions

This expedition has been a thrilling and challenging adventure so far. I have not traveled this far north before. So much of what I’m seeing is totally new and fresh to me. So far, my biggest thrill has been stalking the Arctic Musk Ox – a kind of prehistoric bison.

My first impression of the Tundra was that of a stark, bleak, almost impregnable environment. But as I continue to compile more and more images, I have begun to see the fragility of this unique ecosystem. The plants, the wildlife, even the people and their cultures – all serve as barometer of what is occurring worldwide from global warming.

The team, Kyle, Clayton and, of course Ed have been great to work with. I’m grateful for this opportunity to support and add to our awareness of issues impacting the Northwest Passage and, indeed, all of us. There are more video and still images for me to file, so signing off for know…

Richard Theiss