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History and current health of the Arctic is explored
by marine education and research organization

Monterey, California, February 2, 2009 - The ability to disseminate important information worldwide regarding the Earth's oceans has taken a giant step forward with the launching of the newest version of Google Earth and InMER (Integrated Marine Education and Research Expeditions) is proud to have contributed important content on the Arctic and the Northwest Passage above the Arctic Circle.  Beginning in February, this latest version of Google Earth will enable Internet users to virtually dive beneath the surface of the sea and explore the world's oceans.

InMER has provided videos, photos, and text about the Northwest Passage and the Arctic Circle, including the history of exploration in the region, its current status and the impact of climate change on its future.  Much of this critical information was collected from InMER's 2007 Summer Reconnaissance Expedition, a precursor to a much larger winter expedition being planned for 2009 or 2010.

"Fundamentally, Google Earth now connects us all to Planet Ocean in a way that is at once innovative and intuitive," says Ed Cassano, founder and CEO of InMER.  "Within that context, InMER brings its unique perspective on the great explorers who searched for a Northwest Passage combined with our first-hand research of the Arctic climate and the cultures that depend on it.  InMER is focused on connecting the world to an Arctic Ocean being changed by our own activities.  Google Earth will provide an essential tool for InMER to reach millions of individuals and inspire all of us to act to protect our planet." 

Google Earth users will be able to zoom in on the Arctic Circle and click on highlighted icons that open windows in which InMER provided detailed information including text, videos, photos and additional links.

"InMER is proud to be a contributor to Google Earth's Arctic Ocean and Northwest Passage content.  We heartily support Google's commitment to expanding people's understanding of the world we live in and the challenges we face," says Cassano.

About InMER
InMER Expeditions (Integrated Marine Education and Research Expeditions) combines the excitement and sense of discovery of scientifically oriented expeditions with the power and immediacy of social marketing, public relations, policy dialogues, educational programming, and outreach activities.  With expeditions ranging from studies of the Northwest Passage to undersea biodiversity along California's coast, combined with the expertise of educators, policy specialists, filmmakers and scientists, InMER has developed an integrated model of conservation designed to reach millions of people and engage them in a dialogue on pressing environmental issues.   To help support InMER mission please visit www.inmer.org.