About InMER

InMER Expeditions (Integrated Marine Education and Research Expeditions) InMER Expeditions (Integrated Marine Education and Research Expeditions) facilitates teams of educators, policy specialists, filmmakers and scientists to affect positive social change towards building sustainable communities in North America.

In a world of melting ice caps, changing seasons and increasing numbers of endangered species, it can be hard to grasp the complexity of the environmental problems we face, let alone to know where to begin solving them. InMER is founded on the belief that people, decision makers, the media, and the public make better decisions for sustainability when they have the opportunity to interact personally with the issue in question.

Based on an integrated model of conservation designed to reach millions of people and engage them in a dialogue on pressing environmental issues, InMER facilitates expeditions & projects that provide key people with an emotional connection to issues of environmental sustainability.

Built around the excitement and sense of discovery of a scientifically oriented expedition, the InMER model combines and integrates social marketing, public relations, policy dialogues, educational programming, outreach activities and products to achieve specific goals within a targeted audience or audiences.

InMER was founded by Edward R. Cassano, a former NOAA Corps Officer and NOAA Research Vessel Captain, and manager of the U.S. Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Ed has led or participated in over a hundred research cruises through the waters of the Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific and Bering Sea.

In addition to his time out to sea, Ed has played a pivotal role shaping a more sustainable future for the oceans right here on land. He opened and ran the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, served as Vice President of Programs and Exhibits at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and then headed north to overseen the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sustainable Seafood Initiative as the Senior Director of Conservation Outreach. Ed has extensive expertise in delivering content to a diverse audience through interactive and media-based exhibits and shaping policy from a resource management point of view.

Partners and Collaborators
(Alphabetical Order, Partial List)

ArcticNet - InMER's science partner and media provider for the Northwest Passage, Voyage of Rediscovery

Census of Marine Life - InMER is working on bringing the groundbreaking scientific census of the seas to diverse audiences through short visual journeys

Hopkins Marine Station - InMER partnered with scientists at Hopkins to bring the Census of Marine Life to, well, life.

National Geographic - Mission Programs: Wild Chronicles

InMER would like to acknowledge in-kind support from the following:

Mike Schley of Schley, Look & Guthrie, LLP

BlueWater Advisory Group, LLC

RTSea Productions

Julia McHugh Public Relations

Corrigan and Company

City Creative Group